PingMe™ makes the fisheries more efficient and profitable as well as making the ocean more sustainable

PingMe™ from Ocean Space Acoustics – the solution

PingMe™ is a reliable and cost-efficient solution, uniquely designed to withstand the harsh conditions on a fishing vessel. It effectively tackles the problem of ghost fishing, while simultaneously making fisheries more efficient and profitable through critical information. As a patented, smart, and modern innovation, PingMe™ stands as a tailored solution for operating in demanding and rugged environments.

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About Ocean Space Acoustics

Ocean Space Acoustics is a visionary new company that springs out from SINTEF (Norway’s largest research institution) with patented technology, based on many years of research. Our vision is to contribute to a cleaner and more sustainable ocean as well as making the fisheries more efficient and profitable through providing critical data.

Mar. 2024

Navigating Towards a Sustainable Future

Our product PingMe is designed to address some of the most pressing challenges faced by marine ecosystems and the fishing industry today. The innovative solution offers a promising path to a sustainable future, balancing necessary fishing practices with the urgent need to protect our oceanic frontiers. Bridging the Gap Between Industry and Conservation The dichotomy between […]

Dec. 2023

Targeting Snow Crabs in Their Ideal Habitats

In the quest for more sustainable and efficient fishing practices, technology plays a pivotal role. Among the innovative tools revolutionizing the industry, PingMe stands out as a game-changer, especially in the niche but lucrative snow crab fishing sector. This sensor system is not just a tool for finding lost fishing gear; it’s a beacon guiding […]