PingMe™ makes the fisheries more efficient and profitable as well as making the ocean more sustainable

PingMe™ from Ocean Space Acoustics – the solution

Today there is no reliable and cost efficient solution, adapted to withstand the tough conditions on a fishing vessel, on the market that can solve the problem of both ghost fishing and making fisheries more efficient and profitable through critical information. PingMe™ is a patented, smart and modern solution to this problem adapted to work in harsh and tough conditions.

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About Ocean Space Acoustics

Ocean Space Acoustics is a visionary new company that springs out from SINTEF (Norway’s largest research institution) with patented technology, based on many years of research. Our vision is to contribute to a cleaner and more sustainable ocean as well as making the fisheries more efficient and profitable through providing critical data.

Oct. 2021

Global fishing industry applauds new ‘pinger’ system as a solution to the problem of locating lost gear

As well as the major financial loss for a skipper to lose his gear and catch, due to storms or being dragged away by another vessel, the environmental impacts of lost gear acting as ‘ghost fishing’ or seabed thrash has for many years been highlighted for the huge damage to fish stocks that it can cause.