PingMe™ from Ocean Space Acoustics

PingMe™ is a patented, smart and modern solution that solves the problem of ghost fishing and making vessels more efficient and profitable through giving critical information about the fisheries to the skipper. It is also designed to withstand the harsh and tough conditions on a fishing vessel.

PingMe™ - the solution

  • An advanced localization, position and identification (unique ID) system for tagging fishing gear/objects and giving the location of the gear under water.
  • Provide demanded/required information during fishing operations (location, depth, temperature, current, etc.)
  • Prevent loss of equipment, make the fisheries more sustainable and reduces “ghost fishing”.
  • Give access to data in a cloud service which can be individually set up so it either shares the location of the fishermen’s gear with others or just shows each, their own gear.


  • Gear can easily be found faster if it has moved in currents etc. so the fishermen save time at sea as well as not loosing gear and catch. If the gear is not found it can also be localized later since these sensors will have a very long battery life between charges.
  • Fish and crustaceans are often found in specific conditions of temperature, depth and current. With PingMe™ the fishermen can see exactly where the gear lands and where it is fishing as well as information about these conditions. The fishermen can also log the data for season planning.
  • Ghost fishing is a huge problem, killing aquatic life for no reason as well as leaving plastic in the ocean. It is bad for the environment and it is bad for the fishermen’s economy, long term and short term. PingMe™ provides a solution in regard to helping fishermen find their gear even when it seams lost.

Solutions for other applications

PingMe™ can also be applied to moorings and anchor handling to see that everything is stable and not moving.

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